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Our INDUSTRY RANK System measures the short- and long-term momentum of the 104 Industries of the US Stock Market and ranks them from the strongest to the weakest.


The results of the short-term RANK have been computed using a combination of one-day to one-month data, while the results of the long-term RANK have been computed using a combination of three-month to twelve-month data.


Each Industry belongs to one of the eleven Sectors. For convenience, we included the Sectors each Industry belongs to.


We also included the eleven Sectors in the list, as they can be useful as “reference points” scattered in the list.


The 104 Industries are:

SECTOR                   SYMBOL         NAME

XLI               1           $DJUSAF        Delivery Services

XLF              2           $DJUSAG        Asset Managers

XLK              3           $DJUSAI          Electronic Equipment

XLB              4           $DJUSAL        Aluminium

XLV              5           $DJUSAM        Medical Equipment

XLI               6           $DJUSAR        Airlines

XLI               7           $DJUSAS        Aerospace

XLY              8           $DJUSAT        Auto Parts

XLY              9           $DJUSAU        Automobiles

XLC              10         $DJUSAV        Media Agencies

XLC              11         $DJUSBC        Broadcasting & Entertainment

XLI               12         $DJUSBD        Building Materials & Fixtures

XLY              13         $DJUSBE        Business Training & Employment Agencies

XLF              14         $DJUSBK        Banks

XLV              15         $DJUSBT        Biotechnology

XLY              16         $DJUSCA        Gambling

XLB              17         $DJUSCC        Commodity Chemicals

XLY              18         $DJUSCF        Clothing & Accessories

XLE              19         $DJUSCL        Coal

XLP              20         $DJUSCM        Personal Products

XLB              21         $DJUSCP        Containers & Packaging

XLK              22         $DJUSCR        Computer Hardware

XLY              23         $DJUSCS        Specialized Consumer Services

XLK              24         $DJUSCT        Telecommunications Equipment

XLB              25         $DJUSCX        Specialty Chemicals

XLP              26         $DJUSDB        Brewers

XLI               27         $DJUSDN        Defense

XLI               28         $DJUSDS        Industrial Suppliers

XLRE           29         $DJUSDT        Diversified REITs

XLK              30         $DJUSDV        Computer Services

XLK              31         $DJUSEC        Electrical Components & Equipment

XLRE           32         $DJUSEH        Real Estate Holding & Development

XLRE           33         $DJUSES         Real Estate Services

XLF              34         $DJUSFA        Financial Administration

XLC              35         $DJUSFC        Fixed Line Telecommunications

XLP              36         $DJUSFD        Food Retailers & Wholesalers

XLI               37         $DJUSFE         Industrial Machinery

XLY              38         $DJUSFH        Furnishings

XLP              39         $DJUSFP         Food Products

XLY              40         $DJUSFT         Footwear

XLU              41         $DJUSGU        Gas Distribution

XLY              42         $DJUSHB        Home Construction

XLY              43         $DJUSHD        Durable Household Products

XLY              44         $DJUSHI          Home Improvement Retailers

XLRE           45         $DJUSHL        Hotel & Lodging REITs

XLP              46         $DJUSHN        Nondurable Household Products

XLV              47         $DJUSHP        Health Care Providers

XLI               48         $DJUSHR        Commercial Vehicles & Trucks

XLI               49         $DJUSHV        Heavy Construction

XLF              50         $DJUSIB          Insurance Brokers

XLI               51         $DJUSID          Diversified Industrials

XLF              52         $DJUSIF          Full Line Insurance

XLF              53         $DJUSIL          Life Insurance

XLRE           54         $DJUSIO          Industrial & Office REITs

XLF              55         $DJUSIP          Property & Casualty Insurance

XLF              56         $DJUSIU          Reinsurance

XLI               57         $DJUSIV          Business Support Services

XLY              58         $DJUSLG        Hotels

XLF              59         $DJUSMF        Mortgage Finance

XLB              60         $DJUSMG        Mining

XLRE           61         $DJUSMR        Mortgage REITs

XLV              62         $DJUSMS        Medical Supplies

XLI               63         $DJUSMT        Marine Transportation

XLU              64         $DJUSMU        Multiutilities

XLB              65         $DJUSNF        Nonferrous Metals

XLC              66         $DJUSNS        Internet

XLE              67         $DJUSOI          Oil Equipment & Services

XLE              68         $DJUSOL        Integrated Oil & Gas

XLE              69         $DJUSOS        Exploration & Production

XLC              70         $DJUSPB        Publishing

XLI               71         $DJUSPC        Waste & Disposal Services

XLE              72         $DJUSPL         Pipelines

XLB              73         $DJUSPM        Gold Mining

XLB              74         $DJUSPP         Paper

XLV              75         $DJUSPR        Pharmaceuticals

XLY              76         $DJUSRA        Apparel Retailers

XLY              77         $DJUSRB        Broadline Retailers

XLP              78         $DJUSRD        Drug Retailers

XLRE           79         $DJUSRL        Retail REITs

XLRE           80         $DJUSRN        Residential REITs

XLY              81         $DJUSRP        Recreational Products

XLY              82         $DJUSRQ        Recreational Services

XLI               83         $DJUSRR        Railroad

XLY              84         $DJUSRS        Specialty Retailers

XLY              85         $DJUSRU        Restaurants & Bars

XLF              86         $DJUSSB        Investment Services

XLK              87         $DJUSSC        Semiconductors

XLP              88         $DJUSSD        Soft Drinks

XLF              89         $DJUSSF         Consumer Finance

XLF              90         $DJUSSP         Specialty Finance

XLRE           91         $DJUSSR        Specialty REITs

XLB              92         $DJUSST         Steel

XLK              93         $DJUSSW        Software

XLP              94         $DJUSTB        Tobacco

XLI               95         $DJUSTK        Trucking

XLP              96         $DJUSTR        Tires

XLI               97         $DJUSTS         Transportation Services

XLY              98         $DJUSTT         Travel & Tourism

XLY              99         $DJUSTY         Toys

XLU              100       $DJUSVE         Conventional Electricity

XLP              101       $DJUSVN        Distillers & Vintners

XLC              102       $DJUSWC       Mobile Telecommunications

XLU              103       $DJUSWU       Water

                     104       $DWCREE       Renewable Energy Equipment Total Stock Market

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