VRSN - VeriSign, Inc. ready to resume bullish trend

Context Technical Analysis

For about a month, VRSN has been moving in a range, the orange box.

In the last three sessions, though, the price found support on its 20-day moving average and, with three bullish candlesticks moved to the upper Bollinger Bands and the blue resistance line.


After a long bullish run, momentum shows some weakness during the range, but it's just below its signal line

Relative Strength

The Relative Strength of VRSN has been moving mostly above its 20-day exponential moving average since late February.

Higher Time Frame

From VRSN's weekly chart below, we can see:

  • VRSN has moved above its 10- and 20-week moving average with a series of bullish candlesticks

  • The MACD is rising and it's above its signal line

  • VRSN's Relative Strength is moving up and well above its 20-week moving average.

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