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SWKS, Skyworks Solutions Inc.

Context Technical Analysis

Since late March, SWKS is moving in a strong bullish channel between its 10-day moving average and the upper Bollinger Band.

As we can see in the chart, as soon as the price touches the 10-day moving average it bounces up and continues its uptrend.


The MACD is moving up, just above its Signal Line.

Relative Strength

The Relative Strength of SWKS is moving up and above its 20-day moving average.

Higher Time Frame

From SWKS's weekly chart below, we can see:

· SWKS has moved above its 10- 20- and 50-week moving averages

· The MACD is rising and it’s just above its signal line

· SWKS’s Relative Strength is moving up and above its 20-day moving average.

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