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SPGI – S&P Global Inc. Inc.


Context Technical Analysis

Since mid April, SPGI is moving in a strong bullish channel between its 10-day moving average and the upper Bollinger Band

The price is currently trending above its rising 10- 20- and 50-day moving averages. These three moving averages diverge, a sign of strong momentum.

Relative Strength

The Relative Strength of SPGI has been moving up and above its 20-day moving average since late March.


Higher Time Frame

From SPGI's weekly chart below, we can see:

· The price of SPGI is moving up and above its 10- 20 and 50-week moving average

· SPGI broke above the orange resistance line

· From the Relative Strength chart, we can see that SPGI outperforms.

Money Management Guidelines

Suggested Buy: 335
Suggested Sell: 319
Suggested Trade Size: 62

Our Money Management Guidelines are based on the assumption that our capital is USD 100000 and we allow a 1% loss of capital per trade.

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