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BKR – Baker Hughes Company – shows strength

BKR – Baker Hughes Company – is moving in horizontally – despite the drop in the general Market - between its 10-day moving average and the upper Bollinger Band.

Apart from that, the stock is also moving above its rising 20- and 50-day moving averages.

Finally, the stock’s momentum is up.

The Relative Strength of BKR is moving up and above its 20-day moving average since early January.

From BKR’s weekly chart below, we can see:

· The stock just broke above a symmetrical triangle.

· The stock is also moving above its rising 20- and 50-week moving average

· The momentum of the stock is also moving up

· From the Relative Strength chart, we can see that BKR outperforms our benchmark, as it goes up and above its rising 20-week moving average.

Suggested Buy: 28

Suggested Sell: 25.9

Suggested Trade Size: 320

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