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APD is in a bullish mode

Since late January APD – Air Products and Chemicals, inc. – is moving mostly in a channel defined by its 10-day exponential moving average and the upper Bollinger Band.

Apart from that, we can see that the 10- 20- and 50-day exponential moving averages are all sloping up and the faster moving average above the slower one. This is a sure sign of a strong uptrend.

The last time price touched the 20-day exponential moving average, the blue line the reaction of the bulls indicates that they are not willing to let price drop below this moving average.

In addition to the above, our momentum indicator is also in a bullish territory since late January.

Just as important, APD’s Relative Strength shows that this stock outperforms our benchmark, the SPY, since late January. In fact, Relative Strength has been moving above its 20-day exponential moving average since then.

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