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Context Technical Analysis

After some weakness in price that caused the 10-day exponential moving average of STX – Seagate Technolgy Holdings, Inc. – to level off, price started moving up again.


It has already moved above the yellow resistance line at roughly 59 and has already reached the upper Bollinger Band.


MACD, our momentum indicator, moved temporarily below its signal line and has just crossed above it as momentum started building up again

Relative Strength

The stock’s Relative Strength has been moving mostly above its 20-day exponential moving average since early August

MSI General

The MSI general is 78.5 and going up

MSI Sector 

The MSI Sector is 78.5 and going up

Different Time Frame

The MSI Sector is 78.5 and going up

Suggested Buy

We can buy this stock when price goes above 120

Suggested Stop Loss

Sell this stock when price falls below 112

Recommended Size 

250 pieces

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