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Hi, my name is Michael Niss. I've been trading for more than five years. I find trading really interesting as it combines logic, discipline, psychology, etc. 

I've decided to start this site because I wanted to combine some very important elements of trading in a logical and coherent way. 

Apart from that, in my quest for more informed and profitable trades, I've devised two unique tools: 

Let's start with these two tools: 

Market Strength Index - It measures the Strength of various Indexes and Sectors.

Strength Ranking System - It ranks the Strength of securities included in eight major Indexes. 

The above tools help me gauge the Market's Bullish Strength or lack thereof and so make more informed decisions. 

Before I trade, however, I also use:

Context Technical Analysis. 

The MACD as a momentum indicator

Money Flow Index as a volume indicator

Relative Strength, to make sure the security outperforms

And finally, perhaps the most important tool, Money & Rist Management. Money & Risk management tells us when to buy, when to put our first stop loss and how many units to buy, to keep our risk to a predefined amount

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